Chocolate Sheet Cake

The other day I wanted to make something that looked really good. I’ve been going through The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook and have tried to do as many of her recipes as I can. I’ve done anything from Beans and Cornbread to Buttermilk Biscuits, which I love. So this time I wanted to make some sort of sweet for the family. I went through the cookbook and finally decided on the Chocolate Sheet Cake. I mixed everything together and got all the ingredients put in. I stuck it into the oven and made the chocolatey icing to go on top.  This icing smelled heavenly.  Usually my cakes don’t turn out well, they either have huge cracks in the middle or the pop up and then sink down all over 😦 So I was praying really hard that this cake would turn out alright. Its barely an inch high cake, what could go wrong with that I prayed.  I opened the oven and took it out and it looked and smelled perfect. I got the icing and drizzled it on top, which then made it spill over, but thankfully I had put the pan on two other pans because I had no where else to put them. The icing spilled over and I just had to try it, so I grabbed a spoon and plopped some into my mouth. WHOA!!! This was tasting really fantastic right now and I just knew I had to get some of that cake to go along with the frosting. So before anyone else got a chance to try it, I cut the cake and gobbled it down. It burnt my throat a bit as it went down my pipes, but I was ok with that because I had tasted my wonderfully made cake.  I gave some to my best friends so they could tell me what they thought, and one of the boys, poor guy, was on a diet so he only ate half a piece. He doesn’t know what he was missing in the other half. They all liked it and my family enjoyed it so I guess I’m pretty happy with the results.

Until next time,
I hope you enjoy the food you eat

Tess Bissell


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