Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes

Yesterday night I had to make something, I just had to. I had wanted to make these sour cream pancakes a couple days ago, but seeing as though we didn’t have sour cream, I couldn’t really make them. So on Sunday night my parents went to our store and bought me sour cream, And UNSALTED butter. I’ve been making things and they’ve tasted salty, and so I really wanted this, so I could change not only the flavor of my food, but also the comments I kept getting. So lastnight I made these pancakes, Yes for dinner. Just mixing up the sour cream, flour,baking soda, eggs and vanilla smelled so good. I would make pancakes like this all the time if only for the batter. It smelled so good. I doubled it because the recipe said it only made about twelve four inch pancakes, and I knew that would not be nearly enough. So I doubled it, without any difficulty. Oh it smelled good, and once I put the butter in the pan, and the batter on top, oh it smelled heavenly. I just wanted to sit and sniff it the whole night, but seeing as though I had three other family members to feed, that wouldn’t do. I made that along with bacon, and store bought hash browns. I dont care for hashbrowns whatsoever. They taste salty, and greasy. Ewww. But they seemed to like it. My mom decided to fry up some eggs for my dad and her. It was a wonderful night.
Sometime this week I will hopefully make Red Velvet Cake with either a cream cheese icing or a buttermilk frosting, I haven’t decided yet. I hope everything turns out well.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Enjoy the food you eat



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