French Breakfast Puffs

I adore this recipe because it has cinnamon, butter, and sugar in it.  Of course there are other ingredients also that make it taste just wonderful, but those three just touch my heart. Oh and the nutmeg!!! No one should forget the nutmeg.  You make the puffs like you would a dough and then you put the dough into muffin pans instead of rolling it out and you cook until they are golden brown and then take out to cool for a few minutes. Once they are cool enough to touch and hold you roll them in butter and then roll them again in cinnamon and sugar and put them on a plate to be eaten up quickly. The only problem I had been that they started to crumble after I rolled them in the warm butter, but that’s alright with me because they tasted wonderful. This is one of the times that I would advise people to use the unsalted butter though, if you don’t they tend to taste a bit salty, which no one likes salty french puffs. That just wouldn’t taste very…….frenchy I’d guess. I eat about one thousand after they get done, they are just that good.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the food you eat.

God Bless

Tess Bissell


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