Oatmeal Crispies

I haven’t made a new recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook in a very long time. I thought today, since we are leaving for a week long vacation that I could try a new recipe. My mom had wanted me to make Oatmeal Raisin cookies, but I decided on these and we came to an agreement. My best friend decided to just sit there and watch rather then help me. If we reversed rolls I’d do the same thing too. So back to the recipe, I mixed together the sugar and shortening, which is one of my favorite things to do while baking. Then the eggs and the vanilla.  She said to use vanilla extract, but I don’t believe in using that stuff, it taste’s bitter. Then the flour,salt, baking soda and finally the rolled oats were all dumped into the bowl to be mixed. I mixed and I mushed it all together to finally have something that actually looked like cookies. I flattend them and finally put them into wax paper to bake later on. Now my little sister is making chocolate chip cookies. Yum. We sure will have a good time at camp next week with all of these cookies.

I hope you enjoy the food you eat



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