Red Velvet Cake

Yesterday afternoon we went shopping, and got some supplies for cooking. Flour, sugar, and all the rest of the good stuff. I’ve been wanting to make this cake for a while, well at least since we’ve gotten this book 😉 So yesterday I made it. And without a mixer, yes I used my whirewisk and a spatula. It was very tiring, but it got done, which is what I wanted. I added nearly everything, and then it was finally time to add the coloring. We just bought a 1 oz bottle of red food dye, it cost more than I would have expected, but my wonderful parents said it was alright. I put the dye and cocoa together, which is what your suppose to do. It looked wonderful. I added it to the cake mix, and that made it beautiful. It started to turn pink and then a dark red. Wow, it was amazing. I sprayed two pie plates and put the cake into it, and put it in the oven. And then I started to make the cheese cake frosting, only thing is we didn’t have enough cream cheese. NOT COOL. I had to wait until after church to get some, we could have gone before but my mom was doing things, and my dad had to prepare a lesson for that night. So I tried waiting patiently, it didn’t work out so well. Thats basically all I could think about, though I did get some things out of the lesson. We went to the store and bought some, and then had to turn around and go buy a mixer. I did not want to mix together by hand butter and cream cheese. I have already had enough of mixing things with my hands, such as sugar and shortening. It feels disgusting, and I dont like shortening as it is. My best friend makes his cookies with crisco, and I just dont see how he touches it. And now I do. I use to make fun of him for using it, but he doesnt need to know that I do the same thing now. So we got the mixer, brought it home and used it. It worked really well, and that meant I didn’t have to touch it. I added everything else and mixed some more, and it smelled and tasted super good. I frosted the double layered cake, and it looked……..alright. It was a little bit over done, but alright at that. I’m sure I’ll be practicing more on this recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend

And enjoy the food you eat



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