flour Flour FLOUR!!

   Last Saturday I decided I wanted to make cinnamon rolls, biscuits and pie crust.  I made that decision on Friday night before I found out that my Mom said that we would be going to the mall the next day.  The mall is always a big deal for me.  Being in a small town you look forward to days like these.  We were going shoe shopping for me and my sister.  It turned out that we ended up being there for a few hours rather than just a little while. Which is fine with me.   But then I thought about what I was going to do once I got home and realized that I told my best friend Joe that I would make cinnamon rolls for him, and then remembered that on top of that I was going to make biscuits and pie crust.  The thing  about biscuits is that I can’t find a recipe that me and my Mom agree on.  She likes her baking powder biscuits, while I love my buttermilks.  See what I mean yet?  You do?  Oh I’m so glad.  We got home from the mall I immediately went to work on my three “projects”, I’ll call them.  When I make something it usually takes longer than when other people make them.  But hey, they get done so I guess that’s all that matters, right? Right. I made the dough for the cinnamon rolls because they need an hour to set up, and in that hour I was able to make the biscuits and pie crust.  In all my 7 years of cooking I have never made pie crust on my own.  Reason 1, is because the only pie i’ve made is a pumpkin pie that has a crust of its own, 2 because I hate pie unless its huckle berry, blackberry,pumpkin, or lemon meringue.  I know I know, everyone is suppose to love apple pie, but I really can’t stand the taste or feel of mushy apples in my mouth.  It just is not something that appeals to me.  I got done with the biscuits and pie crust and the pie crust seemed to turn out.  The biscuits were the worst biscuits I have ever tasted.  And I even put unsalted butter on the tops of them!!! Every biscuit that has butter is suppose to taste wonderful, but did mine? NO!!!  Meh, if life gives you bad biscuits, go and throw them at the stupid ducks that make us wait half an hour until they cross to the other side of the road.  That is why we throw the biscuits out.  We never hit them because they always move away too quickly.  And then we say, “Well, maybe next time.”   The cinnamon rolls turned out really well too, and I just love the glaze.  Milk and sugar and a little butter, it tastes wonderful.  I could eat it all day long, except it tastes a lot like sugar which I despise. But I do love the glaze that it makes.  I brought some over to my neighbor Mr. S.  I haven’t heard back from him as to whether or not he liked them or not, but I’m sure hoping he did.  I also gave some to my brother in-law and best friend Joe.  Joe and I made a deal that he would make me his chocolate chip cookies, which are the best I’ve ever tried, and I would make him my cookies.  I tried out a recipe for sugar cookies and gave them to him, but they were partly burnt, so I decided to give him some of my cinnamon rolls to redeem myself.   He was happy with having more sweets.    All in all the cinnamon rolls and the pie crust were really good. I don’t think I’ll ever make that recipe for biscuits again though.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the food you eat.

God Bless,

~Tess Bissell


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