Maple Scones

First of all I want to say that I love scones. Pumpkin scones, chocolate scones, any kind of scones are good for me.  They are so light and fluffy and really flavorful.  And when you put lemon curd on them they make ya wanna slap your mama they’re so good. ( Thats suppose to be a good expression, but I would never slap my mom.)  These scones were from another recipe in the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  My parents left for the day to take my younger sister to urgent care to have them check her knee out.  Its been hurting for a week or two and they finally decided to have the doc’s look at it.  While they were gone I dinked around and then finally made up my mind that I would make them scones. Them scones, them scones, them moistttttt scones. I made the first batch with walnuts in them rather than pecans. It called for pecans but I use what I had and I had pecans.  Who will know the difference? I don’t care! If they complain they can just not have any more of my food.  I put all the ingredients in the bowl and stirred it together then put it all on the table. It wasn’t all mixed up yet so I wasn’t sure it would work or not, but I did what she said. Like the good little girl I am =) Next I tried to flatten it out and cut triangles out of it.  It looked rather funny after I got done, but that was only the first batch. Next time I would know that its really hard to make triangles out of a rectangle dough, and if its not for other people, well it sure was for me.  I stuck them in the oven and then proceeded to make the next batch. This time instead of using pecans or walnuts I put chocolate chips in the dough.  Chocolate chip scones are to die for! They are just simply delicious.  Anyways, I mixed it all up and then dumped it on the table and tried to make it look like a circle as best as I could.  It was so much easier making triangles, I just cut it like I would a pizza  and then stuck the pieces on to a cookie sheet.  They got a little more brown then I would have liked but at least they got done.  They taste so amazing. My sister came over to have dinner with us and then for dessert I think we’ll have them.  The icing on top was fantastic as well.  It had coffee, powdered sugar, butter and milk in it.  How can you go wrong with all of those ingredients,how?  I just love the taste of those kinds of icing. Yum yum.

Until next time. I hope you enjoy the food you eat.

God Bless.

~Tess Bissell


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