Chicken Pot Pie

I love chicken pot pie.  I love it when it comes in a box from Walmart and all you have to do is put it in the microwave. It just tastes so good. But I didn’t get on to give the plug for Walmart. I got on to tell you that I made it last week.  It was from Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook again. I love making things from her book, they just look so good. I started by making the pie crust for it, which I love. I could eat pie crust all day, but I don’t, because it gets really dry after a while if you don’t drink something with it.  Then I began by cutting up celery, which doesn’t take too long, then I sliced a medium onion and got down a can of carrots. I put them in a big skillet with some butter.  Unsalted butter in fact. (It smells much better and its not so salty.) I let them cook for a little while until they got see through and then stuck some chicken in. It said to add just two cups of chicken, but my family really likes chicken, so I took four chicken breast’s and cooked them up and added them.  I added a can of peas and two Idaho potatoes.  I put the flour, chicken broth, and heavy cream on top of that and topped it all of with ground thyme.  Thyme is one of my favorite herbs, it just tastes and smells really good.  While that was getting thick I rolled out the crust and then put it in a small pan.  At the beginning I thought it would only make a 6×11 but it actually made a 6×11 and a 9×13 (I don’t actually know if they make a 6×11, but hey, it looked about that size.)  Since I thought it would only make one pan and it actually made two I had to make more crust.  I whipped it up in a jiffy which I hate doing because I usually forget something.  Then I put it on top of the pans and put them in the oven.  I made the small one for my best friend and her family, she wasn’t feeling well that night so I thought I’d cheer her up with a pan of chicken pot pie.  It seemed to work because she felt better the next day. I guess my magic worked 😉  I almost burnt my finger prints off by bringing it to my car, but I got it there anyways.  Then I went to her brothers football game, they were facing Canada and they crushed em’.  Go Joe!! It was 45-O by the end of the game. Afterwards I brought the food over to her and she seemed pretty happy about it. Her dad also liked it, but he said it needed more salt, so I stuck my tongue out at him when he wasn’t looking. Sorry Mr. Sir………….it won’t happen again……if you’re looking.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this.

God Bless,

~Tess Bissell


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