Pear Pie

Almost everyone I know loves Apple Pie but how many people like Pear Pie?  Raise your hand if you’re with me on the not liking it.  Last month I wanted to try out a new recipe from my cook book and it was flat apple pie, but we didn’t have apples and my Dad had just brought home a ton of pears so when life gives you pears you make pie I guess.  What you do is put pears into a bowl and then dump flour and lemon juice on them so they don’t get brown. Because really, who wants brown pears in their pie? Not me. After that you make the crust, or before, it really doesn’t matter, but I made mine afterwards I think.  I rolled out the dough and then put the pears into it and folded the dough on top of the pears. It doesn’t cover them completely but it looks really cool.  Then after it was all folded I put brown sugar and a ton of butter on top of that. It looked really really good.   Thankfully I didn’t burn it and I had enough that I made two of them. One for my family and one for my best friends.  They seemed to really enjoy it, at least that’s what they said and usually I believe them…….Well most of the time I do. ( Kidding again. Can’t you guys take a joke?)  I took my pie out of the oven and waited for it to cool down to snatch a bite.  I took a piece that had the most crust on it and swallowed it down. Then I tried another bite that actually had some pears in it. I tried to like it I promise you, but I just can’t stomach the thought of warm apples or pears in my mouth, it just is so wrong.  When I bite into an apple or pear then I want it to be really cold, not hot.  But hey, my family and my best friends family liked it so I’m pretty happy.

Hope you enjoyed reading this,

God Bless,


Tess Bissell


2 responses to “Pear Pie

  1. Kathy Hewett used to make me pear pie. one time she used tapioca pudding, and i loved it even though i hate tapioca. it’s that good.

    pear is the best fruit, hot or cold young redchef 🙂

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