Perfect Chocolate Chocolate Cake

My Mom’s birthday was in  September and she wanted me to make her  a chocolate cake.   September flew by and we had a thousand things to do it seemed. I started my Senior year in Highschool, we went to the doctors because my sister messed up her knee, we went camping. Just so many things had to get done I forgot. Then October came and we went to the doctors a couple more times and they still hadn’t found out whats wrong with my sisters knee.  Its been a hassle but we’re keeping our heads held high. Halloween came and went and three days ago it became November. WHAT?!?!?!? Only three months ago we started school, where in the world did the time go to? I’ll be an adult in 8 months, that can’t be right………right?  Well anyways the guilt was eating away at me, and I just made a cake for my best friend and his mom so I thought I should probably make my mom her BIRTHDAY cake.  Dearest Mother if you read this please know that I’m sorry for making Joe’s cake before  yours 🙂  Hey just be happy you got it though 😉 Love you.  She wanted the recipe from the Hershey’s Cocoa box.  I looked on the back and thought “Meh this looks pretty easy and quick. I’ll whip this up in a jiffy.”  Nothing I make takes a jiffy. It always takes like a jiffy times two.  You’re probably wondering what a jiffy is and I’m here to tell you that I don’t know what it is either. But I’m guessing, just guessing here, that it means really fast. When I cook though nothing is quick about it. It takes forever for me to even make toast.( Thats a joke btw.)  I made the cake and poured in the hot water which was a lot of fun because it made the batter pretty thin, like it said it would.  It was almost watery, but it looked really awesome. I poured it into two round nine inch pans and then threw them in the oven and let em’ bake until they were beautiful.  While they were in the oven I scarfed down some bbq chicken and peas and then made the frosting.  I was planning on making the chocolate frosting on the back of the cocoa can but Mom had a different plan for me.  She wanted a marshmallow frosting 😦  I thought to myself, “Marshmallows?  Marshmallows are only suppose to be used for hot cocoa, rice crispy treats and s’mores. Not frosting. Bleck.”  She looked through our recipe book in search of the frosting recipe and I looked on the internet for it at the same time. She found it finally and it turns out that when you make Marshmallow frosting guess what is an ingredient you don’t use? MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!! Whats the name for then?  Anyways I whipped that up, and let me tell you that it took forever to mix.  In the end though it looked really nice and really pretty.  Then I wanted to make some sort of chocolatey design on the top so I melted chocolate chips in a bowl and tried to get it drippy but last time I did that I burnt the chocolate so I took the chocolate and put it in the already frosted cake frosting. It made it look marbled.   I had fun making this cake, and now I can check it off my to do list.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

God Bless,


Tess Bissell


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