I love lasagna almost as much as I love chocolate. There is just something so spectacular about cheese, noodles, some sort of tomato sauce, herbs, more cheese, garlic, and have I mentioned more cheese?  In this heavenly batch of lasagna, which was the first time I’ve made it, I plopped in Ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella and spread that all the way through it.  The bigger the cheese amount, the bigger the smile my gets.  I looked in my cookbook and it said to use a ten ounce box of noodles then it would make about 8 servings. We were having 11 people over so I thought I would just double the recipe and I went and bought another ten ounce box, thinking, “Hey it’ll make 16 servings and we’ll just have left overs.”  I boiled the noodles, all fifty of them it looked like and then put them on a piece of wax paper to dry for a little while on half of my table.  By then it seemed like I had noodles coming out of my ears. What a strange picture I just put in your mind right? Glad to be of service.  I made the my lasagna that I was supposed to and then had about thirty noodles left over.  So I did what every other 17-year-old girl would do when you have 30 extra noodles with nothing to do : I went into my room and cried until my black mascara made me look like a raccoon.  Ok, not really, I wanted to but I know that black circles under my eyes do not compliment me one bit. So I just laughed about  it and then when my Mom came home I looked at her nervously and said, “Uh…………………Mom…….I think I may have made 30 noodles to many.” And laughed lightly.  “Oh its fine Tess, we can just make cannelloni with the rest of them.”  I went outside and ran ten miles around our apartments.  Nah, but that would have felt really nice, except I hate to run, and who would want to run ten miles anyway. Not me, thanks but no thanks.   The first batch of lasagna was already in the fridge just waiting to be baked to wonderful goodness, and that’s when my Mom and I started making the cannelloni with the rest of the noodles.   After about an hour I stuck the first one in the oven and told my best friend Katie to get her rear in gear and get to my house some how so she could try my new recipe.  The whole family came over and we ate almost half of each pan up.  It tasted so incredible and I think I died and went to heaven when I took that first bite.  It was fantastic I do have to say.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,

God Bless

Tess Bissell


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