Mocha Brownies

We have a Christmas in January so that in December my brother can go with his wife to his in-laws and my sister can go with her hubby up to her in-laws.  It works out really well for everyone and we’ve been doing it for the last couple years. We had it two weeks ago in our little place.  We had 14 people here, sure it was a little crowded but nobody seemed to really mind because we were all surrounded by family and friends.  We had bbq ribs, key lime pie, ginger ale and everything else you need for a Christmas dinner.  I was going to make these brownies a lot earlier in the day, but things took over and I didn’t have enough time to make them until we finished dinner.  Big UT-OH!!! I mixed them up and had to try a little taste before I put on the frosting.  Blech, they did not taste as good as I thought they would.  They had unsweetened chocolate in them and let me tell ya, that stuff is not good plain.  I put the frosting on and made it look as nice as I could, but for some reason it was not complimenting my brownies.  It looked like there was little pieces of butter in the frosting, and unfortunately there were little pieces of butter in it.  This is not how I wanted it look, it didn’t look like that in the pictures.  Well I couldn’t do anything about it, but next time I plan to make it look better.  I gave some to my best friend Joe and he said they tasted good.  I sure hope he isn’t lying,  and he usually doesn’t lie to me when he tastes my food but this one tasted terrible to me so it was hard to tell.  Practice makes perfect I guess. 

Hope you enjoyed this

Tess Bissell


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