Southern Food

Today I wanted to make a big dinner, dessert and something to drink.  For the drinks I made Minted Lemon and Limeade.  I had to juice three lemons, and two limes. It didn’t help that I had a cut on my middle finger.  Let me tell ya that getting citrus into a cut REALLY does hurt.   I got done juicing them and then I crushed a few sprigs of mint in a big pitcher along with some sugar.  My oh my did that smell wonderful.  After that I added the juice from the lemons and limes, stirred a few times and added a sliced lemon to it all.  It looked so beautiful that it made me want to hop on the next flight to Georgia and eat some fresh peaches. MMmmhmm. I threw that in the fridge to let it cool off, but not before taking my trusty cup and sipping a little of it. It tasted a little watery so before I served it I squeezed some extra lemon juice into it. After I finished with that I started making delicious Peach and Cinnamon cobbler.  I just used canned peaches, because you use what you have. I cut them up, added the sugar, quick-cooking tapioca, cinnamon and lemon juice. That looked good enough to put on a silver platter.  Before I made the toppings which were like biscuits, I started on the Roasted Lemon Chicken with Red Grapes.  I put the chicken in the oven to defrost, because I  didn’t thaw them out sooner. While that was in the oven I whisked together butter, lemon zest and lemon juice along with some salt and pepper.  After that was mixed together I got the chicken out and called it good.  I poured the lemony mixture on top of the chicken and tossed it all together.  It smelled wonderful.  The only part that I didn’t care for was rubbing a garlic clove over the raw chicken.  I have a problem touching raw meat.  It is soooo gross for me to touch something that is cold and dead.  After I got over that little fear (which I must get over a lot because of the dishes I make,) I threw some grapes into a pan and dropped the chicken in on top of it.    It looked super odd, but I was going to experiment, and you betcha I did.  I popped it into the oven for a while and proceeded to make the biscuits/topping for  the peach cobbler. I got that done and popped it in alongside the chicken and let it cook.  While those were cooking I started some water, threw in some red potatoes, then green beans and let those boil for a while.  After that I put them in a skillet for a few minutes and watched magic come to life.  It smelled like what I imagine Heaven to smell like sometimes =)  I reached in and grabbed with my bare hands the food(Because I’m so tough 😉 ) and got that cobbler and chicken out.  It looked quite done….or so I thought. Sure the chicken was done, but the cobbler? Of course not! I ended up sticking the little guy in five more times, and still he didn’t cook all the way through.  It was almost time for my dad to go to bed, and I really wanted him to try it,so I figured they can live with a little doughyness.  They all seemed to like it.  It was a pretty succesful dinner and I was quite proud of myself for accomplishing it all in a little under three hours. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this:)

God Bless,



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