Chocolate Peppermint Sticks

I wanted to make something sweet this week and decided to look in one of my cookbooks that I usually don’t use.  I had made this recipe for best friend about a month ago and it did not turn out well.  It looked sort of alright, but not beautiful whatsoever. I started out by creaming together butter, sugar and flour and put that into a pan and patted it down into a crust like form. I threw it in the oven for ten minutes and it became goldenish looking.  It looks and tastes just like the crust for lemon bars.  Then I whisked powdered sugar, warm water and peppermint extract and made a paste like frosting.  I spread that on the crust until it reached the very end of the pan, then I proceeded to melt semi-sweet chocolate in a heat proof bowl in a pan of boiling water.  It took about five minutes to melt it all, but wowzers it tasted fantastic. I poured that on top of the paste like frosting and tried to wait while it cooled.   Like I said, I tried, but I couldn’t wait for more than three minutes because it looked way too good not to touch. I cut them up into little squared and immediately ate three……or ten, but whose counting? It was super easy to whip up and it took less than thirty minutes all together.  I can’t wait to try out a cake recipe in the book and tell you about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

T. Bissell


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