The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell

At the beginning of this book Eldon Granger was talking to a group of young kids, basically telling them ghost stories so they would mind their parents.  He mentions the boogey man, and none of the kids want to believe him because they are just fairy tales………..or so they think.  After he finishes they run off and he goes back to his cabin.  He hears his dog Cougar yelping for him and he runs into the woods with his gun.  Green mist slowly tries to  over take him and he calls for help, but no one is there to hear him.  Then there is Dras, a 22 year old guy who acts like a kid more than a mature adult.  He is the black sheep of the family, a mess up you could say.  His older brother Jeff is a preacher and Dras knows he won’t ever be like him so he rebels as much as he can.  Then one night his ex-girlfriend Lindsey is missing.  That was the same night that the Strange Man appeared at the Rave Scene.  Lindsey was at the Rave Scene and saw the Strange Man for who he really was.  So the Strange Man went after Lindsey and takes her life.  That’s when everything changed in that little town.  The Strange Man wants Dras’ best friend but Dras won’t let her have her and that makes him mad.  He threatens Dras but Dras doesn’t listen, so the Strange Man comes after Dras with his demons.  Dras is accused of having killed someone and the police are on the look out for him.  By then the town is so crazy that when the police finally find Dras they just beat him to a pulp.  But Dras knows that he did what was right, He warned his best friend of the that she needed the Lord. Now the choice was up to her.    I really enjoyed this book.

 In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.


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