Fried Chicken

I have never made Fried Chicken before now.  I usually just go to KFC down the block and pick up a bucket.  It’s so much easier, let me tell ya.  First you have to mix a bunch of dry ingredients together for the flour texture.  It’s not so hard really.  Then you make buttermilk, or if you have store-bought buttermilk that works just as well.  I did not have the store-bought stuff so I just made some by adding a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of milk.  It is as easy as that.  You throw the chicken into the buttermilk and you’re suppose to let it sit overnight in the fridge but I didn’t and it worked out alright.  After I took the chicken out I drenched it in the flour mixture and put it in a pan that had about an inch and a half of hot oil and let it cook until you can’t see blood coming out, or for me until it’s almost burnt.  Then take them out of the pan of oil and put them onto a cookie sheet and stick them in the oven at around 350 and bake until you can cut into them with a knife and see no red.  Again I cooked them until they were almost burnt because my Dad, younger sister and I have this thing against red meat.  We don’t think its wrong in a way that you’ll go to Hell for eating it, we just can not eat it because we gag every time we see that were about to eat a live  The meal turned out really well, the food was a bit over cooked but man it tasted much better than KFC.  It was a bit more greasy yes, but it was good.  Word to everyone else though, if you think you need more oil, you can use butter, but do not use lard because it leaves a funny taste once it has sat in the fridge for a few days. 


Hope you enjoyed this adventure.


Love Tess V B


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