Fried Chicken

I have never made Fried Chicken before now.  I usually just go to KFC down the block and pick up a bucket.  It’s so much easier, let me tell ya.  First you have to mix a bunch of dry ingredients together for the flour texture.  It’s not so hard really.  Then you make buttermilk, or if you have store-bought buttermilk that works just as well.  I did not have the store-bought stuff so I just made some by adding a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of milk.  It is as easy as that.  You throw the chicken into the buttermilk and you’re suppose to let it sit overnight in the fridge but I didn’t and it worked out alright.  After I took the chicken out I drenched it in the flour mixture and put it in a pan that had about an inch and a half of hot oil and let it cook until you can’t see blood coming out, or for me until it’s almost burnt.  Then take them out of the pan of oil and put them onto a cookie sheet and stick them in the oven at around 350 and bake until you can cut into them with a knife and see no red.  Again I cooked them until they were almost burnt because my Dad, younger sister and I have this thing against red meat.  We don’t think its wrong in a way that you’ll go to Hell for eating it, we just can not eat it because we gag every time we see that were about to eat a live  The meal turned out really well, the food was a bit over cooked but man it tasted much better than KFC.  It was a bit more greasy yes, but it was good.  Word to everyone else though, if you think you need more oil, you can use butter, but do not use lard because it leaves a funny taste once it has sat in the fridge for a few days. 


Hope you enjoyed this adventure.


Love Tess V B


Marmalade Muffins

First of all grease 24 muffin tins.

I made these a while back but I thought I would post about them anyways.  I took two oranges, or more (I can’t really remember :p ) and grate them.  I found a really easy way to do this though and I’ll share the tip with you.  I took the oranges and instead of using a grater I took a potato peeler and peeled them then put the peel in my Magic Bullet, or you could use your blender and just stick the peel into it and hit the blend button.  I set that aside and began to cream the butter and sugar into a bowl, which works a lot better if your butter is softened, but if its not just throw it in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time.    Crack 2 eggs into the cream and sugar and mix it up.  Sift some flour and add it to the bowl and stir as few strokes as possible so you don’t get tough muffins.  But tough cookies if ya don’t listen 😉  Combine some buttermilk and baking soda in a cup and add that to the muffin batter and combine.     Add the orange zest, but don’t over mix.  Fill the muffin tins two-thirds full with the batter.  Bake that in an oven that’s heated up to 375 F for about 10-15 minutes until light brown.  While those are in the oven make the glaze.  Use the two oranges that you zested earlier and juice them.   Add the juice to brown sugar and mix with a fork.    Once the muffins come out of the oven put the glaze on with a spoon.  You can go ahead and lick up  the extra glaze if you want to.    To me these muffins tasted like honey, which I don’t care for at all,but these tasted incredible.  I would recommend these to anyone because they are so stinkin’ good.


Hope ya enjoyed reading this =D

God Bless

Love Tess

Iny’s Prune Cake with Buttermilk Icing

I love-making things from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  They are always just so much fun to whip up.  When I cook southern food it makes me want to start talkin’ with an accent and say stuff like, “Hun would ya pass me some of them biscuits?” Haha.  I saw the picture for this recipe in the book and saw that it was cake and my mouth started to water.  But then I looked at what the recipe has in it. PRUNES!!!!! Do you know what Prunes are?  They are dehydrated plums!  Now why would anyone do that to a poor poor pitiful plum? Tell me!!!  I love eating plums, they are just sooooooooo good.  And when you get to the pit and try to take off all of the fruit from it it starts to taste a bit sour.  Its making my mouth water right now just thinking about it.  Mmmmhmmm.  If you haven’t eaten enough plums to know what it does to you, I advise you not to.    I had to boil the prunes until they were able to be mashed, which seemed to take forever, or maybe I was just bored, who knows 😛  Once those were finished I started on the cake batter.  I got to use allspice in this batter, which makes it smell like Christmas time.  I love allspice, it just smells so beautiful.  I put the mashed up prunes into the batter and stirred it all together and it did not look pretty let me tell ya.  It was a yellowish batter that had bits of prune throughout it, BLECK! I threw that into the oven for about 45 minutes.  This is the good part.  The icing was to die for.  It was like making carmel and it was heavenly smelling and tasting.  It kept poofing up but she said to let it do that so I did.  Before it got hard I poured it over the already done cake.  It was glorious tasting.  I wish I had licked the pot that I made it in before it got hard on me.  I did lick the spoon though and that was pure bliss.  I thought this cake would taste terrible, but it was actually really good.  I did not like finding big pieces of prune in it though.  My family seemed to really enjoy it so I think it’s a winner.

I hope you enjoyed reading  this.


Chocolate Peppermint Sticks

I wanted to make something sweet this week and decided to look in one of my cookbooks that I usually don’t use.  I had made this recipe for best friend about a month ago and it did not turn out well.  It looked sort of alright, but not beautiful whatsoever. I started out by creaming together butter, sugar and flour and put that into a pan and patted it down into a crust like form. I threw it in the oven for ten minutes and it became goldenish looking.  It looks and tastes just like the crust for lemon bars.  Then I whisked powdered sugar, warm water and peppermint extract and made a paste like frosting.  I spread that on the crust until it reached the very end of the pan, then I proceeded to melt semi-sweet chocolate in a heat proof bowl in a pan of boiling water.  It took about five minutes to melt it all, but wowzers it tasted fantastic. I poured that on top of the paste like frosting and tried to wait while it cooled.   Like I said, I tried, but I couldn’t wait for more than three minutes because it looked way too good not to touch. I cut them up into little squared and immediately ate three……or ten, but whose counting? It was super easy to whip up and it took less than thirty minutes all together.  I can’t wait to try out a cake recipe in the book and tell you about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

T. Bissell

Southern Food

Today I wanted to make a big dinner, dessert and something to drink.  For the drinks I made Minted Lemon and Limeade.  I had to juice three lemons, and two limes. It didn’t help that I had a cut on my middle finger.  Let me tell ya that getting citrus into a cut REALLY does hurt.   I got done juicing them and then I crushed a few sprigs of mint in a big pitcher along with some sugar.  My oh my did that smell wonderful.  After that I added the juice from the lemons and limes, stirred a few times and added a sliced lemon to it all.  It looked so beautiful that it made me want to hop on the next flight to Georgia and eat some fresh peaches. MMmmhmm. I threw that in the fridge to let it cool off, but not before taking my trusty cup and sipping a little of it. It tasted a little watery so before I served it I squeezed some extra lemon juice into it. After I finished with that I started making delicious Peach and Cinnamon cobbler.  I just used canned peaches, because you use what you have. I cut them up, added the sugar, quick-cooking tapioca, cinnamon and lemon juice. That looked good enough to put on a silver platter.  Before I made the toppings which were like biscuits, I started on the Roasted Lemon Chicken with Red Grapes.  I put the chicken in the oven to defrost, because I  didn’t thaw them out sooner. While that was in the oven I whisked together butter, lemon zest and lemon juice along with some salt and pepper.  After that was mixed together I got the chicken out and called it good.  I poured the lemony mixture on top of the chicken and tossed it all together.  It smelled wonderful.  The only part that I didn’t care for was rubbing a garlic clove over the raw chicken.  I have a problem touching raw meat.  It is soooo gross for me to touch something that is cold and dead.  After I got over that little fear (which I must get over a lot because of the dishes I make,) I threw some grapes into a pan and dropped the chicken in on top of it.    It looked super odd, but I was going to experiment, and you betcha I did.  I popped it into the oven for a while and proceeded to make the biscuits/topping for  the peach cobbler. I got that done and popped it in alongside the chicken and let it cook.  While those were cooking I started some water, threw in some red potatoes, then green beans and let those boil for a while.  After that I put them in a skillet for a few minutes and watched magic come to life.  It smelled like what I imagine Heaven to smell like sometimes =)  I reached in and grabbed with my bare hands the food(Because I’m so tough 😉 ) and got that cobbler and chicken out.  It looked quite done….or so I thought. Sure the chicken was done, but the cobbler? Of course not! I ended up sticking the little guy in five more times, and still he didn’t cook all the way through.  It was almost time for my dad to go to bed, and I really wanted him to try it,so I figured they can live with a little doughyness.  They all seemed to like it.  It was a pretty succesful dinner and I was quite proud of myself for accomplishing it all in a little under three hours. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this:)

God Bless,


Mocha Brownies

We have a Christmas in January so that in December my brother can go with his wife to his in-laws and my sister can go with her hubby up to her in-laws.  It works out really well for everyone and we’ve been doing it for the last couple years. We had it two weeks ago in our little place.  We had 14 people here, sure it was a little crowded but nobody seemed to really mind because we were all surrounded by family and friends.  We had bbq ribs, key lime pie, ginger ale and everything else you need for a Christmas dinner.  I was going to make these brownies a lot earlier in the day, but things took over and I didn’t have enough time to make them until we finished dinner.  Big UT-OH!!! I mixed them up and had to try a little taste before I put on the frosting.  Blech, they did not taste as good as I thought they would.  They had unsweetened chocolate in them and let me tell ya, that stuff is not good plain.  I put the frosting on and made it look as nice as I could, but for some reason it was not complimenting my brownies.  It looked like there was little pieces of butter in the frosting, and unfortunately there were little pieces of butter in it.  This is not how I wanted it look, it didn’t look like that in the pictures.  Well I couldn’t do anything about it, but next time I plan to make it look better.  I gave some to my best friend Joe and he said they tasted good.  I sure hope he isn’t lying,  and he usually doesn’t lie to me when he tastes my food but this one tasted terrible to me so it was hard to tell.  Practice makes perfect I guess. 

Hope you enjoyed this

Tess Bissell


I love lasagna almost as much as I love chocolate. There is just something so spectacular about cheese, noodles, some sort of tomato sauce, herbs, more cheese, garlic, and have I mentioned more cheese?  In this heavenly batch of lasagna, which was the first time I’ve made it, I plopped in Ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella and spread that all the way through it.  The bigger the cheese amount, the bigger the smile my gets.  I looked in my cookbook and it said to use a ten ounce box of noodles then it would make about 8 servings. We were having 11 people over so I thought I would just double the recipe and I went and bought another ten ounce box, thinking, “Hey it’ll make 16 servings and we’ll just have left overs.”  I boiled the noodles, all fifty of them it looked like and then put them on a piece of wax paper to dry for a little while on half of my table.  By then it seemed like I had noodles coming out of my ears. What a strange picture I just put in your mind right? Glad to be of service.  I made the my lasagna that I was supposed to and then had about thirty noodles left over.  So I did what every other 17-year-old girl would do when you have 30 extra noodles with nothing to do : I went into my room and cried until my black mascara made me look like a raccoon.  Ok, not really, I wanted to but I know that black circles under my eyes do not compliment me one bit. So I just laughed about  it and then when my Mom came home I looked at her nervously and said, “Uh…………………Mom…….I think I may have made 30 noodles to many.” And laughed lightly.  “Oh its fine Tess, we can just make cannelloni with the rest of them.”  I went outside and ran ten miles around our apartments.  Nah, but that would have felt really nice, except I hate to run, and who would want to run ten miles anyway. Not me, thanks but no thanks.   The first batch of lasagna was already in the fridge just waiting to be baked to wonderful goodness, and that’s when my Mom and I started making the cannelloni with the rest of the noodles.   After about an hour I stuck the first one in the oven and told my best friend Katie to get her rear in gear and get to my house some how so she could try my new recipe.  The whole family came over and we ate almost half of each pan up.  It tasted so incredible and I think I died and went to heaven when I took that first bite.  It was fantastic I do have to say.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,

God Bless

Tess Bissell

Pear Pie

Almost everyone I know loves Apple Pie but how many people like Pear Pie?  Raise your hand if you’re with me on the not liking it.  Last month I wanted to try out a new recipe from my cook book and it was flat apple pie, but we didn’t have apples and my Dad had just brought home a ton of pears so when life gives you pears you make pie I guess.  What you do is put pears into a bowl and then dump flour and lemon juice on them so they don’t get brown. Because really, who wants brown pears in their pie? Not me. After that you make the crust, or before, it really doesn’t matter, but I made mine afterwards I think.  I rolled out the dough and then put the pears into it and folded the dough on top of the pears. It doesn’t cover them completely but it looks really cool.  Then after it was all folded I put brown sugar and a ton of butter on top of that. It looked really really good.   Thankfully I didn’t burn it and I had enough that I made two of them. One for my family and one for my best friends.  They seemed to really enjoy it, at least that’s what they said and usually I believe them…….Well most of the time I do. ( Kidding again. Can’t you guys take a joke?)  I took my pie out of the oven and waited for it to cool down to snatch a bite.  I took a piece that had the most crust on it and swallowed it down. Then I tried another bite that actually had some pears in it. I tried to like it I promise you, but I just can’t stomach the thought of warm apples or pears in my mouth, it just is so wrong.  When I bite into an apple or pear then I want it to be really cold, not hot.  But hey, my family and my best friends family liked it so I’m pretty happy.

Hope you enjoyed reading this,

God Bless,


Tess Bissell

Perfect Chocolate Chocolate Cake

My Mom’s birthday was in  September and she wanted me to make her  a chocolate cake.   September flew by and we had a thousand things to do it seemed. I started my Senior year in Highschool, we went to the doctors because my sister messed up her knee, we went camping. Just so many things had to get done I forgot. Then October came and we went to the doctors a couple more times and they still hadn’t found out whats wrong with my sisters knee.  Its been a hassle but we’re keeping our heads held high. Halloween came and went and three days ago it became November. WHAT?!?!?!? Only three months ago we started school, where in the world did the time go to? I’ll be an adult in 8 months, that can’t be right………right?  Well anyways the guilt was eating away at me, and I just made a cake for my best friend and his mom so I thought I should probably make my mom her BIRTHDAY cake.  Dearest Mother if you read this please know that I’m sorry for making Joe’s cake before  yours 🙂  Hey just be happy you got it though 😉 Love you.  She wanted the recipe from the Hershey’s Cocoa box.  I looked on the back and thought “Meh this looks pretty easy and quick. I’ll whip this up in a jiffy.”  Nothing I make takes a jiffy. It always takes like a jiffy times two.  You’re probably wondering what a jiffy is and I’m here to tell you that I don’t know what it is either. But I’m guessing, just guessing here, that it means really fast. When I cook though nothing is quick about it. It takes forever for me to even make toast.( Thats a joke btw.)  I made the cake and poured in the hot water which was a lot of fun because it made the batter pretty thin, like it said it would.  It was almost watery, but it looked really awesome. I poured it into two round nine inch pans and then threw them in the oven and let em’ bake until they were beautiful.  While they were in the oven I scarfed down some bbq chicken and peas and then made the frosting.  I was planning on making the chocolate frosting on the back of the cocoa can but Mom had a different plan for me.  She wanted a marshmallow frosting 😦  I thought to myself, “Marshmallows?  Marshmallows are only suppose to be used for hot cocoa, rice crispy treats and s’mores. Not frosting. Bleck.”  She looked through our recipe book in search of the frosting recipe and I looked on the internet for it at the same time. She found it finally and it turns out that when you make Marshmallow frosting guess what is an ingredient you don’t use? MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!! Whats the name for then?  Anyways I whipped that up, and let me tell you that it took forever to mix.  In the end though it looked really nice and really pretty.  Then I wanted to make some sort of chocolatey design on the top so I melted chocolate chips in a bowl and tried to get it drippy but last time I did that I burnt the chocolate so I took the chocolate and put it in the already frosted cake frosting. It made it look marbled.   I had fun making this cake, and now I can check it off my to do list.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

God Bless,


Tess Bissell

Chicken Pot Pie

I love chicken pot pie.  I love it when it comes in a box from Walmart and all you have to do is put it in the microwave. It just tastes so good. But I didn’t get on to give the plug for Walmart. I got on to tell you that I made it last week.  It was from Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook again. I love making things from her book, they just look so good. I started by making the pie crust for it, which I love. I could eat pie crust all day, but I don’t, because it gets really dry after a while if you don’t drink something with it.  Then I began by cutting up celery, which doesn’t take too long, then I sliced a medium onion and got down a can of carrots. I put them in a big skillet with some butter.  Unsalted butter in fact. (It smells much better and its not so salty.) I let them cook for a little while until they got see through and then stuck some chicken in. It said to add just two cups of chicken, but my family really likes chicken, so I took four chicken breast’s and cooked them up and added them.  I added a can of peas and two Idaho potatoes.  I put the flour, chicken broth, and heavy cream on top of that and topped it all of with ground thyme.  Thyme is one of my favorite herbs, it just tastes and smells really good.  While that was getting thick I rolled out the crust and then put it in a small pan.  At the beginning I thought it would only make a 6×11 but it actually made a 6×11 and a 9×13 (I don’t actually know if they make a 6×11, but hey, it looked about that size.)  Since I thought it would only make one pan and it actually made two I had to make more crust.  I whipped it up in a jiffy which I hate doing because I usually forget something.  Then I put it on top of the pans and put them in the oven.  I made the small one for my best friend and her family, she wasn’t feeling well that night so I thought I’d cheer her up with a pan of chicken pot pie.  It seemed to work because she felt better the next day. I guess my magic worked 😉  I almost burnt my finger prints off by bringing it to my car, but I got it there anyways.  Then I went to her brothers football game, they were facing Canada and they crushed em’.  Go Joe!! It was 45-O by the end of the game. Afterwards I brought the food over to her and she seemed pretty happy about it. Her dad also liked it, but he said it needed more salt, so I stuck my tongue out at him when he wasn’t looking. Sorry Mr. Sir………….it won’t happen again……if you’re looking.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this.

God Bless,

~Tess Bissell